Welcome to the ETC.4SE eTraining Centre. We have created this space called the eTraining Centre, where we have collected the training material and guidelines created during our project.  The training material consists of 13 different steps designed to help you realise your potential and become a social entrepreneur.

We aim, with the help of the training resources available, to provide the necessary guidance to mentors to support and foster social entrepreneurship skills, but also to persons who wish to become social entrepreneurs.

In particular, the eTraining centre contains information and results for both the above groups. Navigating through the eTraining centre, you will visit different sections and pages with information.

Before you start, we recommend that you go through the user guide presenting all features of the eTraining Centre and how you can navigate through it, how you can register and enroll on the different steps, how you can access the quiz sections etc.

For the mentors, please register as a mentor first and then access (from the top menu) the mentor page with guidelines, instructions and other interesting material, specifically designed for you.

For aspiring social entrepreneurs, you can find below several documents presenting the benefits of using an online learning platform for learning, how the 13 steps can help you in your endeavour to become a social entrepreneur, but also information on advantages of social entrepreneurship (case studies)

We hope you will enjoy your learning

The ETC.4SE Team

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Business Simulator in 13 steps.

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