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  • General Information

    So, you decided to start your social business. Congratulations! Hopefully this is the start of an exciting new venture in your life! Here you'll find the information you need to help make that happen.

    The ETC4SE team have designed this business simulator to simplify your journey and make sure you are capable to start your own social business. The simulator structure is based on the Bridge Model develop by BTF and is shaped into 13 steps that we already introduced to you in the training course. They are essential to be completed in order to start your business. Starting from the top, follow the journey and complete all the tasks.

    On each step you’ll require to complete different task and some of them will provide you the necessary template to develop your work. You also be providing with links to the related training material to refresh your mind if necessary and links to videos and website pages for further information regarding the specific topic.

    After completing all the 13 steps, you will have a set of documents and important information regarding your new business, such as the legal form of your enterprise, the business plan, the financial plan, the marketing plan, the sales strategy and you’ll be ready to run your social enterprise!